Tippa’s Lovebird Gin

Handcrafted in small batches in Okotoks, Alberta, Lovebird Gin is a refined, very smooth gin that would be happy in any martini. Produced in a gluten free facility, Tippa is an environmentally responsible nano distiller.

Judges selection in Gin in Culinaire Magazine October 2018


The distiller Paul Poutanen is of Finnish descent and “Tippa” means “drop” in Finnish.

Some notes from independent tasters:

“Clean, light, floral, citrus, spruce(?). Sweet & Warm with excellent smooth palate feel and finish, that heat ups nicely. Doesn’t taste like any other gin. Very unique.”

“Bright, smooth and lovely. ”

“the smoothest gin I have ever had”

‘It doesn’t taste like so many other gins, or cucumber or whatever, my dad and his buddies would love this – its so clean and smooth.’

“You did not lie when you said it was smooth because I really could just sip that Lovebird on a little ice quite happily.”

“A wildly fresh, clean, and crisp Gin handmade in a nano-distillery in Okotoks – Tippa hits the perfect notes for a gin and tonic!”

“LoveBird Gin is aromatic and smooth, holds its own against Tanqueray and definitely packs a punch”

“This gin is so smooth it doesn’t even feel like you’re drinking spirits.  Paired with an artisan tonic water LoveBird Gin takes the simple Gin & Tonic to the next level.  I’ve been spoiled – there’s no going back now to flavorless bar Gin & Tonics.”

“Picked up a bottle this weekend – smoooooth and delicious! Great stuff!”

“”Freezing cold Lovebird Martini….so crisp and clean and delicious!!””

TM 2018 “Tippa’s Lovebird Gin”

TM 2018 “Lovebird Gin”

TM 2018 “Dino Gin”

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TM 2019 “Tippa’s Dino Gin”

Copyright 2018 “Tippa’s Lovebird Gin”

Copyright 2018 “Lovebird Gin”

TM 2019 “Wood Duck Gin”

TM 2019 “Tippa’s Wood Duck Oaked Gin”

Copyright 2019 “Wood Duck Oaked Gin”

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“Lovebirds”artwork by Lisa Brawn

“Wood Duck” artwork by Lisa Brawn

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